More Copenhagen News, keep being pro-active

23 12 2009

First, I just wanted to share this article, one of the most interesting I’ve seen about the Copenhagen Climate Summit. It’s called “How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room.


Then, yesterday I got this email from Avaaz, a wonderful social/environmental activist organization whose petitions I often sign– and their petitions often work.

Dear friends,

Leaders disappointed the entire world in Copenhagen last weekend. But one group was cracking open the champagne – the polluting industry lobbyists who pushed our politicians to failure. The polluters have only one worry now: us.

Recently a few youth climate activists (funded by Avaaz online donations!) dared to challenge the most powerful polluter lobbyist group, the US Chamber of Commerce, by helping to stage a humorous satirical press conference announcing the Chamber had decided to help fight climate change.

The polluter lobby’s response? A huge lawsuit suing these young activists for potentially enormous amounts of money. Experts say a response like this is extremely rare. It appears designed to send a chilling message to our movement and silence all who would speak out.

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