4 08 2009

You know you’re riding an isolated road when the one and only car you see almost crashes into a wildcat. It happened today on the Via Antigua (Old Highway) coming into Loja, Ecuador as the car, the cat, and I crossed paths at the same time. Wish I had gotten the camera out faster because apparently experts are debating the existence of similar cats in this area. Check out this article with photos and information: Mystery cat discovered in Ecuador is likely a Pampas Cat according to expert


In Ecuador!

1 08 2009

You use U.S. dollar bills and a mix of U.S./Ecuadorian coins in this country. The local crop: rice. The local farm animal: sheep and goats– and you transport them live by strapping them haphazardly to the roof of your taxi. The sun is strong and I am burnt, but I’m pedalling onward, happy to have marked 7,000 kilometers upon entering country number seven. I´m heading into the hills to find a campsite now… Thanks everybody for helping me get here!