Ecuador vs. Chevron

29 09 2009

Here in Ecuador you cannot ignore the indigenous groups protesting the oil contamination in their communities due to irresponsible practices by extractive transnationals companies.

Ecuador vs. Chevron

Ecuador vs. Chevron

So here you go folks, yet another example of conflict between big business and a Latin American country that feels it is being exploited environmentally.

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The Greenest Big Companies in (North)America

29 09 2009

From Greenpeace’s blog : “As you might have noticed, Newsweek ran a special issue this week with the cover story, “The Greenest Big Companies in America.” The feature ranks the S&P 500 according to each company’s environmental impact, policies and reputation. Dirt Diggers Digest points out that the list “has more validity than the usual exercises of this sort, which tend to take much of corporate greenwash at face value.” But also notes “the magazine could have easily turned the list upside down and headlined its feature ‘The Biggest Environmental Culprits of Corporate America’.'”

Thanks for the support!

25 09 2009

Thank you all for supporting me! Now, if you support forest conservation please share the video, leave comments, and rate it high! Follow Ride for the Trees on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook. The more you help spread the word, the more support Paraguay will get. Thank you all!

THE RideForTheTrees video!

23 09 2009

Here it is… the new video! It’s composed of 138 of the tastiest photos and video clips from the last 9 months on the road from Paraguay to Ecuador, in reverse, with some extras from my 6 weeks in the Amazon! If a picture is worth a thousand words this video is worth at least 138,000… in English, Spanish, Guarani, Toba, Tacana, Ese’eja, Aymara, Quechua, and Kichwa, too. Enjoy!

Life in Cuenca, Ecuador

22 09 2009

Just a quick update to let everybody know I have been living and working in Cuenca, Ecuador for just over a month now. Got hooked up with a great English teaching gig in a local middle school and I’m also working weekends at a hotel. I had to get creative after getting loads of gear stolen; I have since registered for an independent environmental study through NAU and have received financial aid to fund the study and the remainder of the tour! I am planning on spending another 10 weeks here in Cuenca and then hitting the road once more to pedal toward Colombia. Then a coconut boat to Panama. From there, I’ll ride through five countries in Central America, then Mexico and Arizona, arriving at the Grand Canyon sometime in July… hopefully.

A Pit-Stop in Ecuador

14 09 2009

Thanks for continuing to follow Ride for the Trees! I am currently taking a three-month break in Cuenca, Ecuador. During this time I am focusing on writing some environmental and travel articles, teaching English in a local high school, working weekends at a hotel, overhauling the bicycle, getting back in touch with friends and family, and brainstorming creative fundraising ideas to get back on the road as soon as possible. (For those of you who don’t know, I was attacked by killer bees and robbed of nearly all my gear in Argentina. Watch the bee attack caught on tape Generous donations from supporters have allowed me to come this far. Thank you!)