The Story of Stuff

12 02 2010

This video may change your life:


More Copenhagen News, keep being pro-active

23 12 2009

First, I just wanted to share this article, one of the most interesting I’ve seen about the Copenhagen Climate Summit. It’s called “How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room.


Then, yesterday I got this email from Avaaz, a wonderful social/environmental activist organization whose petitions I often sign– and their petitions often work.

Dear friends,

Leaders disappointed the entire world in Copenhagen last weekend. But one group was cracking open the champagne – the polluting industry lobbyists who pushed our politicians to failure. The polluters have only one worry now: us.

Recently a few youth climate activists (funded by Avaaz online donations!) dared to challenge the most powerful polluter lobbyist group, the US Chamber of Commerce, by helping to stage a humorous satirical press conference announcing the Chamber had decided to help fight climate change.

The polluter lobby’s response? A huge lawsuit suing these young activists for potentially enormous amounts of money. Experts say a response like this is extremely rare. It appears designed to send a chilling message to our movement and silence all who would speak out.

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New Goods, Good News

10 12 2009

1) Tiny News. Ride for the Trees partners discover a new orchid, the world’s smallest, in a reserve here in Ecuador.

“A previously unknown species of orchid, the world’s smallest, has been discovered inside the Cerro Candelaria Reserve by our partner Fundación EcoMinga in the Andes Mountains of central Ecuador. The reserve, established by EcoMinga thanks to the support of the World Land Trust, protects 5,221 acres of wet cloud forest and páramo (natural high Andean grasslands) on the Amazonian slope of the Andes.”

2) A reasonable, hopeful article on the COPENHAGEN CLIMATE SUMMIT. My favorite parts:

“we do not need to know the precise impact, and we do not need to have all the answers in order to start reducing greenhouse gases… What is the incremental progress we can expect out of Copenhagen? Some if it has already taken place. In the United States, the EPA has started the process of regulating Carbon Dioxide under the Clean Air Act. China, India and the U.S. have all announced national emission reduction targets. But more is still to come. When the conference ends on December 18th over 100 heads of state will be present in Copenhagen.”

3) Received this text from a Peace Corps Volunteer who lives in the Amazon where the police captured me two weeks ago: “You’ll be happy to know that 4 people were detained today for cutting off heads here in Macas. Lol. Guess you were innocent after all.” Hahaha…

4) Knee-slappin’ video o’ the week: This week’s humorous cycling video is a compilation of crashes that aren’t quite bad enough to make you hate me for laughing at these people, but are certainly awkward enough to bring a smile to your face.  The best one is definitely at 55 seconds.