BLOG101, Gear Reviews, Voice of the People

30 12 2009

In addition to the RoadSide Journal Updates organized by country over there to the right…—>

…I have been posting plenty of non-journal entries organized by category: Environmental News, Funny Videos, etc. The great thing about WordPress, and the reason I use it, is that you can find my journals by country or by date. If you were wondering “Where was Sam on Christmas?” you can click on “December.” If you were wondering “When was Sam in Bolivia?” you can click on “RoadSide Updates: Bolivia.” If you want to see all my journal entries in chronological order from Paraguay to present, just click “ROADSIDE UPDATES (JOURNALS)”

GEAR REVIEWS: Soon I’ll be doing gear reviews as a way of 1) listing all of the gear I carry as a resource for others who are planning a bicycle tour (Matt) and 2) giving you the facts and my opinions about the gear.

The plan is to review all of my equipment by the end of this tour. Stay tuned, the first review is coming soon!

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: The most important category over there to the right, and one that I will certainly continue to work on after I finish this tour, is “Voice of the People.” This is a category of Environmentally and Socially urgent stories locals tell me when I pass through their towns. Usually they are small towns being exploited, sometimes they are indigenous pueblos. One story I’ll be writing soon involves corrupt eco-tourism in Bolivia’s Amazon. This is the journalistic aspect of Ride For The Trees, the stories that locals often tell me I’m one of few to know, and therefore in a unique situation to help them.