Bicycling through Colombia’s Changing Climate

8 01 2010

While bicycling through Southern Colombia I passed thousands of people begging for change on the PanAmerican Highway. This woman let me interview her for the new Voice of the People piece called “Seven Years of Drought.”



22 12 2009

Now that I’m in Colombia, the Ecuador video is finished! It including volcanoes, a monkey in my hand, my tent eaten by ants, dog chases, traffic jams, and some unbelievable scenery.

Thanks to all my green friends and cyclists out there for sharing these videos and links, it’s a huge help for spreading awareness!

Volcano Alley Update, Photos, and a New Video

8 12 2009

Long update simplified

1)      Three tires failed at the same time after days of repairs and a new cheap tire purchase, and got my first flat. So I hitch hiked 40k to Banos, home of hot springs and waterfalls.

2)      Decided to hang out in Banos for a few days and wait for a tire order to arrive.

3)      Rented a mountain bike and went riding with some new friends, doing the section I hitch hiked in reverse. Having a mountain bike with no gear allowed me to go places I wouldn’t have been able to with my bike, like across the hanging bridge to the amazing waterfall in this video:

4)      Found, purchased, and consumed a wide array of donuts.

5)      Bussed to Ambato to pick up the tires. Returned to Banos, installed tires, went to sleep.

6)      Was accompanied by Matt from California for the tough climb to Ambato. He’s planning to ride from Patagonia to California beginning in February 2010.

7)      I am now in “Volcano Alley” the famous Pan American Highway route that threads the needle between several of Ecuador’s stunning volcanoes. Here’s a photo of the ride past the Tungurahua Volcano.

RideForTheTrees Presentation and Awards Ceremony Video

18 11 2009

Here’s the new video of the 20 minute event edited down to a minute twenty for y’all. Enjoy!