“Saving San Rafael” Book

25 01 2010

Eli from Guyra Paraguay posing with the photo-documentary book, "Saving San Rafael"

If you are even slightly interested in beautiful photography, Paraguay, or forest conservation, it’s time I tell you about this book. I contacted the author, my friend Emily Horton, to get the scoop. Thanks for your work, Emily!

“Hola Samuel! I would love to share more about Saving San Rafael, the conservation photography book I made in collaboration with the Association Guyra Paraguay. This publication is of special relevance to Ride for the Trees supporters because, similar to your biking campaign, it aims to protect one of the largest and most threatened blocks of Atlantic Forest in Paraguay: San Rafael. The book, written in Spanish and English, takes readers on a photographic journey through the biological and cultural wealth of San Rafael. It is a great educational resource for donors wishing to visualize and learn more about the globally important forest they are preserving.

BUY THE BOOK QUICKLY AND SAFELY ONLINE: It can be purchased online from the NHBS Environmental Book Store by visiting http://www.nhbs.com/saving_san_rafael_tefno_161120.html .  Buyers can feel good about their investment since book profits will be used by the non-profit environmental organization, Guyra Paraguay, to fund conservation projects in San Rafael.

From the start, our goal has been to use Saving San Rafael as a conservation tool to raise national and international awareness about the importance of San Rafael. Thus, I am always grateful when it serves its purpose. Thanks for helping promote our book on your blog Samuel and for contributing to our planet in your VERY unique way. Safe pedaling!

THE BACKSTORY: The story behind Saving San Rafael begins in 2004 when I arrived in Paraguay as an Environmental Education Peace Corps Volunteer. As fate would have it, I was assigned to live in Arroyo Claro, a remote agricultural village bordering San Rafael “National Park.” I soon learned about Read the rest of this entry »


VIDEO: Lewis Pugh Swims the North Pole

3 10 2009

Wow, this is one of the most daring environmental awareness events I can imagine. Thanks to David for sending the video link my way: http://www.ted.com/talks/lewis_pugh_swims_the_north_pole.html 

A few of my favorite quotes from TED’s discussion board:

“Simply amazing, maybe borderline crazy but amazing. There is no doubt in my mind the we have these problems. I think it takes ppl to be boderline crazy to show the world what is going on. Thank You Lewis”

“Lewis Pugh certainly did it for a noble cause. Nevertheless I think it was a rather stupid thing to do. I wonder if the talk would have been perceived similarly inspiring if Mr. Pugh had held the talk with just stumps for his hands.”

“I had tears rolling down my cheeks after watching the North Pole swim footage when people gave him a standing ovation. Hats off!” “Me too. I think this is the most moving TED video I’ve seen yet.”