Police Escort in Trujillo

22 07 2009

I have left the moon and arrived safely at the Casa de Ciclistas in Trujillo, Peru after a traffic-stopping motocop escort through the city!



20 07 2009

Phew! 36 tunnels in one day!

36 tunnels in one day!

36 tunnels in one day!

Adios Paved Roads

15 07 2009

I just left Huaráz and am finishing my last stretch of paved road for the next few days. From Caráz north I’ll be cycling some rough roads through indescribably beautiful landscape, including the narrow Cañon del Pato (Duck Canyon) between the stunning Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra (White and Black Ranges). Don’t you love how rough roads always seem to reward you with beautiful scenery? Click here or on the “Peru” photos link to the right to see Peru’s beauty.

Break Time

4 07 2009

Hey everybody, after the bee attack and $3000 theft in Argentina I knew I would have to take a break and look for work at some point during this tour. Now is the time; if you have any connections in Ecuador or Colombia please let me know! I’m two cycling weeks away from the Ecuadorian border– just in time for the expiration of my Peruvian Visa.