26 05 2010

A thank you to everyone who helped me from all of these countries, and to those of you helping from beyond.

Paraguay-Brazil-Argentina-Bolivia-Peru-Ecuador-Colombia-Panama-Costa Rica-Nicaragua-Honduras-El Salvador-Guatemala-Mexico-USA

Home 🙂

Please know how deeply thankful I am to you. A huge number of special people have come into my life to help make this project a reality, from gear sponsors to host families along the way, from fellow cyclists to volunteers in Paraguay, from those who have sent me emails of encouragement to all of you donors out there. It has been truly inspiring to watch this collective effort take form and succeed.

Personally, this tour has deeply affected me. My interactions with people and nature were perfectly beautiful at times, horribly sad at others, and eye-opening in so many ways. I cannot count the number of times I found myself camping alone in the wilderness, overcome with emotion and exceedingly grateful for everybody’s generosity that has allowed me to have this experience.

As it comes to an end, I am happy to announce that our collective effort has raised approximately $23,000, enough to allow Paraguay’s Conservation Alliance to purchase and protect forever about 20 acres of lush jungle within the San Rafael Reserve, home to several Mbya Guarani communities and a wide variety of endangered species.

Sincere Appreciation,

Samuel Hagler

(environmental activism, news, and fundraising continue on




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