Update from Mazatlán, Mexico

26 04 2010

Que onda guey!

I have new photos to share with you but I’m afraid I got some sand in my camera and it is not working at the moment. Here, let me steal one from somebody so I can at least show you  this delicious beach town, Mazatlán.

Mazatlán, Mexico. Photo courtesy of Travelpod.

If any of you are considering opening a hostel somewhere, this is the place to do it! Not a single hostel in town, just hotels with private rooms. There are plenty of backpackers, and we’re all looking for a cheap hostel with a shared dorm room. Pero no hay. I found a $10/night room at Hotel Lerma. For anybody coming to Mazatlán, that’s the cheapest room in town, and the closest you’ll find to a hostel.

I went to the largest aquarium in Latin America yesterday, then saw Fury of Titans in Spanish. City life has been nice for a couple of days but I can’t stay long in places like this; I find myself yearning for a campsite next to a river, or a relaxing night singing La Bamba with a family that is letting me camp on their farm for the night.

Sinaloa, Mexico. Sinaloa is a state. The actual name of Mexico is "The United States of Mexico." The landscape here looks like this. (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

My camera should be fixed by tomorrow and then I’ll be back on the road! I’m not sure how many farms I’ll be passing though, because the landscape has changed from the lush jungle of southern Mexico to the desert beauty of Arizona. Looks like home! But I still have a few weeks left…

The plan is to cross the Mexico/Arizona border at Nogales on Saturday, May 15th. Hope to see you there! Bring your bike and we can go for a little ride…

Click here to support forest conservation in Paraguay or click the Firstgiving logo to the right. A big thanks to the anonymous donor for our most recent donation and thanks as always to everybody who has donated over the last 16 months!




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