Adios Panama!

12 02 2010

Nikki and Samuel casually lounging on Wizard Beach in the Caribbean

Nikki says: “Just a short hello with highlights! This is our last day in Panama, in the city of David. (Next time you hear from us we’ll be in Costa Rica!) 

We put some big days in, a couple 100 k days (i think that is about 68 miles). One of these days ended by meeting a family who had a laughing parrot! We got some great footage. Later they put me to the test in cooking for their entire family… a little stressful but the toasted ham and cheese sandwiches came out great!

After putting in a couple long days my ankles started swelling like balloons! Well maybe like baseballs. Any who, we decided to leave the bikes in David and bus up north to some Caribbean islands called Bocas del Toro. I am not sure if it was drinking coconuts on the beach, getting off the bike, or thinking about the possibilities of boating in a canoe carved out of 1 tree trunk, but my ankles went back to their normal size.

Bocas del Toro islands, Panama

Surprising: The islands were Rasta communities…Not surprising: they had beautiful beaches and great swimming and surfing. We did see many canoes made from 1 big tree trunk…that was so cool! Sam and I hiked over one of the islands to hang out and camp at the beach. After a day or two we were itching for out bikes and headded back to David. Today we ride to Costa Rica, and the holiday Carnaval starts. This holiday is celebrated by most Central and south American countries. Men and women throw water balloons and spray shaving cream at each other. Sam was told that it is the time during the year that god turns his head, he does not judge your actions and the devil “runs in the street.”
Wikipedia says: ‘Carnaval is the main celebration in the country. It is held 40 days before the Christian Holy Week, running through the weekend and ending on Ash Wednesday (February 21-24 in 2009). … streets compete with separate queens, activities, parades and musical performances.'”

Nkki riding through northern Panama




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