Nikki’s Email Home

4 02 2010

I told Nikki she has to show me her email or I’ll loosen her handlebar screws when she’s not looking. “It’s for the trees!” I say. “Okay,” she says. “I like trees. And I like not crashing too.” I don’t believe her though. I mean, I know she likes trees but why would you pull a stunt like a front-flip in downtown Panama City traffic, laughing the whole time, if you didn’t like to crash? 

Here’s one of her emails home: “Things are going great… my bike came in on Sunday Sam and I got it, built it and rode off into the sunset.. well actually into Panama City which has a lot of thieves so maybe the secrets of Alibaba… who knows… there were more than 40 thieves we saw… none actually stole any of our stuff though… Sam is really good at whipping out his pocket knife and cleaning his nails when he feels someone is un-trustworthy.

We stayed at a sweet hostel in Panama City and got ready for the next day’s ride… the next day we biked a road with bridges to 3 separate islands and then to the top of one. On the way I acquired more bruises… Sam says i can’t practice my front flips in traffic anymore. I told him i would try my best.

On tuesday, we left the city and had a big day of biking. We stopped at some bakeries and had some great ice cream too… was not sure if I hurt because of my fall or because of a sunburn.

That night we slept in a family’s yard and hung out with their kids and livestock. I keep practicing my Spanish with the kids. They are awesome to chat with because they will speak slowly for you and laugh at/with you.

Yesterday was the best! We rode early and went to the beach! It was sooo beautiful although I was really looking forward to that cold Atlantic refreshing ocean it was more like a bath, but still refreshing… palm, coconut, and mango trees everywhere!  The ocean is blue and the sand like salt and pepper!

Sam and I got some drinks and played music (Sam has a guitar and a harmonica. I have a soda can with some seeds… we sound great!)  we rode a little longer and stopped at this beach that a local recommended to us which was beautiful. We met the family that lived near the beach and they said we could camp on the beach near their house as well as eat dinner with them!! They were sooo nice. 

Later that night sam yelled from the ocean that I had to go swimming. I went in and whenever you disturbed the plankton they would glow! It was the sweetest thing ever!!! So I am in total darkness with stars above and below when I swirl my hands or kick my legs it was like fairy dust under the h2o (it reminded me a lot of Avatar for those who have seen it…)

So that is my story so far. I am not sure how often I am going to get internet so I love you all and don’t worry too much. What will be will be… live for today, love today, and love all.”

Photos and videos soon to come!




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