Revisiting Lake Titicaca through John’s eyes

24 01 2010

You pass a million people on the city streets and you could forget them all, but if you pass another cyclist in the Amazon in Ecuador you will remember them forever. I met John, a Dutch cyclist who started his trip in Quito, Ecuador, when we were going in opposite directions in a pouring rain on a dirt road in the jungle. We exchanged contact info, and today I got an update from him… from Bolivia! Here’s a piece of his journal from Lake Titicaca:

Becouse it is already suffocating here, the Lake Titicaca at 38/3900 meters (13,000 feet) above sea level is one of the highest laying lakes of the world. Happy about the fact that is very flat here becouse this means les strain so les tiring so les suffocating. I ask you what is tiring or hard when you get to cycle next to a lake so beautifull as the lake Titicaca, i wont easy forget it is so beautiful here.
In a state of bliss i cycle further. After a while the only thing i can see acros are the mountains in the far distance over a such a bleu lake under the white clouds. Kkkkkkkrrrrreeeeuuuuhhhh a car passes me more loud and close than the other cars. I did not even hear that one comming, so rough i get puld out of my moment. I sigh a breath of dissapointment bud also not to breath in the exhoust gases, bud becouse it is already so high and suffocating here it hits me in my head and i get dizzy and  unstable for a moment without swinging. Just on that moment another unfriendly vehicle passes me by honking loud. With after that a éxtra treat a bus passing me and right on that moment pushing out a black cloud. So big !. That for a moment i forget about myself. When al this has past me. I stop for a moment and eat my yoghurt, there are no cars for a moment, everything is so quiet. So quiet that i can hear the birds whistling, and i see the lake and i feel compleet silence going trough me. And i think to myself this is why i do this and al other things are not important.




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