30 12 2009

I’ve been meaning to thank two bike shops who gave me a big hand in Ecuador.

Cikla in Cuenca, Ecuador ( ) — Galo Tamayo and the owners gave me hefty discounts on more than a few supplies I needed before riding north out of Cuenca. Remigio Tamariz 2-52 y Federico Proano. 07-2884809.  Muchas Gracias!

Then, after leaving Cuenca I had tire problems. I ended up being stranded trying to make a 700X23 tire hold under this heavy horse of a bike. I pinch flatted in the first 15 minutes as I suspected I would, but there were no beefier tires anywhere. Matt’s Cycles in Ambato didn’t have the rare size in stock, but they did make a few immediate phone calls for me. They even called a shop in Ipiales, Colombia, which had exactly what I needed. They ordered four and, when they arrived, kept one in stock and gave me three AT COST. I promised them if I was ever in Ambato, Ecuador again I would go straight to Av los Guaytambos y Fresas to get my necessary gear. This is one of the best shops in Ecuador, if you need something call 099 707663  or ask for Matt’s Cycles in Ambato, Ecuador.





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11 01 2010

I had so much fun at that bike race that went down the steps. Wasn’t that amazing!

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