From Bolivar, Ecuador to COLOMBIA

23 12 2009

Lucy’s Blog continued… aguyje ndeve!


Bolivar to Huaca      US$spent each: $11

We stayed over night in a Residencial in Bolivar, a very tranquil and picture perfect town with a Colombian feel.  After another slightly late set-off due to the reparations of Sam’s tent following a ravishing from a species of tent-cutter-ants we hit the road again.

Cycling Statue near Bolivar, Ecuador

Cycling  distractions in the form of statues relating to our interests lay in our path; I posed with a wooly mammoth and Sam with a funky

cycle-tastic monument.

The landscape was changing from bleak looking sierra to green, fresh and agricultural. I watched birds of prey soar above and plunge down valleys at the side of the road. A fairly relaxed day’s cycling, we stopped in the mid-afternoon before a pre-warned massive climb (which never really materialised).  We hung out in the town square of Huaca watching the locals play games and regained all our calories in sweets.  We were offered great hospitality in a church and I thought how amazing it was that people are so happy to help us on our way through areas not visited normally by tourists and how lucky we were to experience these gestures in forgotten places.


Huaca to Tulcan     US$spent: $9 each

Leaving Huaca on my first rainy day it was a tough but exhilarating ride to the Ecuadorian-Colombian border at Tulcan.  The ride had two significant climbs and  a brilliant final downhill section to the border line. Bracing the cold rain and looking into the distance at Colombia, the ride was made all the more exhilarating. I didn’t spend so much time looking around. Today was not a leisurely cycle; I was just pounding on the pedals eager to reach the destination and keep warm!

Definitely getting more into the cycling as days go by but this is where Sam and I said goodbye. I watched Sam ride on into Colombia wondering what adventures he would meet next and I turned back and bussed along the route we had just spent 3 1/2 days cycling in just four hours!

Lucy cruising in a shadow-stretching afternoon sun

This time for the whole journey the view was obstructed by low cloud and mist with only a lucky glimpse of a snow-capped peak. It’s great how much more you see and appreciate when you’re cycling!  I feel like I know Northerm Ecuadorian provinces much better now, every lump and bump!




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