New Video and Huarango Deforestation

10 11 2009

1) New video! Join my roommate and me for a jog through Cuenca in search of the man who may or may not have urinated on that sidewalk. Sure, it has nothing to do with conservation or social issues, but I don’t think you’ll mind: 

Deforestation in Ica, Peru

2) Yesterday a link was posted on my facebook wall about deforestation in Ica, Peru. My first thought was, ICA?! I rode through Ica a few months ago. It was the driest place I can imagine. So when I hear there’s deforestation in a place that I remember as endless sand dunes, let’s just say it piques my interest. Thanks to Bradford for the post! Here’s the article.

Photo and quote from the New York Times: “Following centuries of systematic deforestation, only about 1 percent of the original huarango woodlands that once existed in the Peruvian desert remain.”




One response

10 11 2009
Pierre Briones

Dear Samuel, life put you in my path and me in yours, every day people meet friends but more importantly to meet people is to learn from them. You are someone who one day decided to carry out a dream without worrying about the obstacles that stand between you and your goals, you have taken your life to places that not all people are given the opportunity to go and meet people and learn something from the world. But people who know you best will learn that the good and beautiful in life are those little things that make the difference. You are on a mission and I believe you will complete it in the end. The most important things are what we have done and what we didn’t give up on. I really appreciate you my friend. att Pierre Briones

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