Preparing to Leave Cuenca…

31 10 2009


Next friday will be my last day teaching English to my 10 and 11 year old whiney wawas. Truth be told, after living in Ecuador for 3 months now I think I’ll miss them more than anybody. But right now I miss cycling so I’m cleaning out my closet and placing some last-minute orders at the local shop.

One of my small closets that needed cleaning is affectionately referred to as a handlebar bag. Inside I found hundreds of little papers with information from some people I wish I could remember and some people I will never forget. There’s Carlos, the Director of something. There’s the UFO-hunting couple living in a tent in the Peruvian desert, carving a sailboat shape into a cliffside for some reason. There’s my amigo James from Australia who helped the Bolivian police in an endangered animal skin trade raid. And over there to the right you’ll find a list of new links from some of the touring cyclists I’ve crossed paths with.

Here I sit on the couch at the local hotel, working a double shift as an illegal immigrant. Being a new hotel with few guests, it gives me the opportunity to update the website while I watch a program in Spanish with a title that translates to something like “Desert Oceans and Empty Nets.” The quote of the day comes from a man with glasses and a mustache: “If you went into a store and saw rhinocerous steaks and tiger chops you might ask a few questions.” Due to the current overfishing all over the world, he says “we should ask the same questions when shopping for fish.” Come to think of it, I remember getting an email from Green Peace about their TRAITOR Joe’s campaign. Let’s see if I can track down the link… Green Peace put together this sarcastic website to challenge TRADER Joe’s, a “green” grocery store chain accused of greenwashing due to the high amounts of red-list-seafood it buys and sells (15 of 22!!!). Thar she blows:




2 responses

16 11 2009

me parece muy bien lo que haces, y yo te apoyo, y también te ayudare diciendo por mi barrio que ayuden a cuidar la ciudad y el pais, pero sobre todo el medio ambiente; evitando quemar los arboles y talar lo bosque, tambien que no boten basura en la calle o en el piso sino que lo boten en la basura, y nles dire también que ayuden a reciclar.
saludos para ti y para katty
los quiero muchisimooooooooooooooo…!
sigue adelante,(!RIDEFORTHETREES!)

16 11 2009
maria jose palacios

Samuel hi just wanted to ask what is your email porfa contact me at my email thanks

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