Special Interest Group for People Who Like to Drink Water

6 10 2009

About an hour ago I was slurping homemade spaghetti and talking green with one of those wise-beyond-their-years friends who has a way of making profound statements with simple wit. In this case that friend is the director of an environmental non-profit here in Ecuador. And so hers became the quote of the day: “The crazy thing is how quickly people get labelled ‘special interest group’ if they express interest in something environmental… even if somebody’s focus is just clean water. When are we going to realize it isn’t a special interest if you like to drink water?”

Here’s a quick newsfeed from Sierra Club for everybody out there who belongs to the same special interest group as us:

“Thicker Skin: Arctic ice is staying thicker than it has been in recent years, which could mean less melting next summer. Dot Earth (NYT)

A Positive Decline: Predictions put 2009 U.S. carbon dioxide emissions at a 5.9 percent decline; reasons include the recession, as well as lessened demand for coal, electricity, and steel. Reuters

Ouch: A new study links appendicitis to air-pollution exposure. Treehugger

Hello Again: A ferret species thought to be extinct are now roaming the Canadian wilds again, thanks to a breeding program at the Toronto Zoo. Scientific American”




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