Bussing and Pedalling from Asuncion to San Rafael for the official start, and backpack theft

2 01 2009

Pre-tour training has already become one of the most incredible adventures of my life. Here’s the lowdown:

-Visited more than 10 Peace Corps Volunteers in their amazing sites, bicycling off the map a few times.

-Visited some of the biggest waterfalls in the world, Iguasu Falls, on the border of Brasil and Argentina.
-BOB Trailer got gently hit by a car in Ciudad del Este’s heavy traffic. Good ol’ BOB, no damage done.
-Crossed from Paraguay to Brazil, to Argentina, and back to Paraguay again. For the last border crossing, this morning, it was especially adventurous. Picture this: After getting my backpack stolen, which had my passport and my Paraguayan Visa inside, I had to plot, scheme, and 007 my way across the Posadas-Ecarnacion bridge.
-The Iguazu Falls were incredible, so sorry my camera was stolen.

1) Crossing from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay to Iguasu, Argentina through Brasil without a Brasilian Visa was no problem for me.
2) Spare spokes work like a charm to fashion replacement BOB trailer pins.
3) You cannot ride across the bridge between Encarnacion, Paraguay and Posadas, Argentina, but hitching a ride in the back of a truck was easy. Buses or a ferry (lancha) are also an option.

FOR MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY: In addition to some important pieces of equipment, when my backpack was stolen I also lost my cell phone and address book so please email me your phone/address information so I can call you and send postcards.




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